Geopetal | Paleontology and Geology Patterns

  • New product - kid's clothing!

    You've been asking and it has finally arrived - two of my most popular designs are now available in kids sizing!
  • Sneak Attack SciComm

    Part of the goal of this brand is to get amazing paleontology designs out there for the general public to see. But a lot of the designs I make are ...
  • Trilobite Paintings

    I don't know what your thing was during quarantine, but for me... I tried (and failed) to make my own cheese, and I also painted a lot of trilobite...
  • Spiral Trilobite Design

    Ampyx priscus is a strange little Ordovician trilobite. In Morocco, you find them in clusters of dozens of individuals - but often, these are less ...
  • Details of the Priapulid Paisley

    For a paisley print to look really nice, it is helpful to have smaller elements to intersperse between the bigger pieces. For my Priapulid Paisley ...
  • Priapulids: Predatory Fossil Worms

    A priapulid is a worm - they live today, and we have body fossils of them going all the way back to the Cambrian 540-some million years ago. These ...
  • DiNopeASaurus

    If you know anything about dinosaurs, you know that there are a lot of things that people call dinosaurs that are, in fact... not dinosaurs. In fac...
  • What is Diplocaulus?

    Diplocaulus is an amphibian-like animal from the Permian (300-251 mya) known for its distinctly boomerang-shaped skull. This 3-foot long salamander...
  • Kansas Cretaceous Paisley

    The Western Interior Seaway was an shallow seaway that split North America in half during the Cretaceous. I've made a Paisley print out of some of its residents.
  • Be a Better Model Than My Mother

    Introducing a competition to be a better model than my mother, which is really really easy.
  • Eeleganza - the Conodont Element Print

    Conodont teeth are tiny, pretty little star shapes. But the few fossils we have that show how they looked in the original organism are... genuinely horrifying.
  • What is a geopetal?

    A geopetal fabric is not actually a term I made up - it's a real thing!