Gifts Under 20$!

It's the holiday season! Wondering what to purchase? Here's a list of gifts under $20 for the rocks-and-fossils nerds in your life!

First off, we've got mugs. Lots, and lots, and lots of mugs - ceramic mugs, enamel mugs, 15 oz, 11 oz, ones that can go in a microwave and others that can go in the microwave but only once and only if you don't want to use that microwave again! For the holiday season they are on sale, starting at $9.95 and going up to a very luxurious $14.95.


But it's not all coffee receptacles - we've also got scrunchies! They're fun, they're bright, they're capable of holding back hair so instantly practical - and they only cost $9.95. Get two for under $20! In this economy, even!


Face gaiters! While these first came about with covid, they are much better at protecting you from the cold and the wind (use an N95 mask for diseases!). I use these all the time when I walk outside in the frigid winter and love 'em! At 17.95, they're a great bargain. 

We've also got posters and stickers! Lots of fun stickers in different sizes, get a set and cover a water bottle or a computer! Sorry, cover YOUR water bottle or YOUR computer. Don't cover the screen. Just some good tips there, use them as you will. 


And there's a new product here too - Bandanas, for yourself or for your dogs! They start at $12.50 and are a great combo of lightweight and sturdy fabric.

And finally, kid's clothing! They're small humans so dressing them costs less, but be forewarned - if you give kid's clothing to someone who is not a kid and does not have kids, you're going to get some weird reactions. So that's a thing to be aware of - you can't give a toddler shirt to a childless adult without like, a very long conversation about it. Just trust me.  

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