Do you ship internationally?

I sure do! Please see the Shipping Policies page for more information.]


Do you offer plus sizes?

Yes! However, I am limited in stock as many of the manufacturers I work with don't seem to love money. The center-printed T-shirts have the biggest size ranges, and I have plus-sized leggings, but I'm currently trying to bully these manufacturers into remembering that all human bodies deserve to be equally nerdy. Something that actually helps me a lot is if you email me and say "man, I wish there were plus size options in XYZ" as that is something I can show as proof. 


Are your products ethically sourced, eco-friendly and sustainable?

Each of the manufacturers I work with have different standards. Overall I have chosen to work with companies that have their primary facilities in North America or Europe, and many of the products on this site are made with eco-friendly dyes in low-waste facilities. Because I work with different manufacturers, I've mentioned the sustainability info on each item.

Probably the most sustainably and ethically made materials on this site are the scarves, like the Priapulid Paisley scarf. These come from a manufacturer with a single factory located in the UK, with a focus on fabric recycling, low water printing, and eco-friendly dyes. 


Will any of this arrive in (insert a day within two weeks time)?

I can't guarantee that anything will ship that quickly, especially given COVID-19 slowdowns. However, look for the items labeled with Protolabis - these are items that typically ship much faster, and very possibly might arrive within that time. 


Do you make the clothing yourself?

Luckily for all of us, no. I once broke 6 sewing machine needles in 20 minutes trying to make an oven mitt - you don't need that energy in your life. Instead I work with other companies who do the actual cutting and sewing.


Who makes the designs?

I do! I make the patterns and single designs and then the companies I contract with print them out, cut the fabric, sew it together, and ship it to you. 


Wait, what's the difference between all these Kansas Cretaceous Paisley shirt variants?

I'm offering two different fits - a Unisex fit, and a more form-fitting Crew-neck fit. But I figured everyone might want either the grey sleeves or the patterned sleeves so... there's 4 versions! And for some reason, I cannot combine them into a single item on my site. Sorry for the confusion! 


Can I suggest design/clothing ideas?

Sure! Send me an email, or post on one of my many, many social media accounts (links at the bottom of the page). If you become a site member, you'll get a chance to vote on new prints and color options as well as new products too.


Why are there no dinosaur prints?

Because there are a lot of those out there already, and I am a paleontology hipster.


Who runs this site?

Picture of Meaghan Wetherell glaring at the camera in the Diplocaulus scarf

That's me, glaring at the camera (but look, I finally got that X-Men Rogue streak in my hair I've always wanted!).

I'm Dr. Meaghan Wetherell, a paleontologist and statistician who wanted more fossil and rock clothing options. So I decided to start designing them myself, and here we are. The store opened in April of 2021 and I am always expanding the product line, so check back frequently for new looks!