New Product: Bandanas!

I've been looking for a company that does a good bandana for FOREVER and it's finally here - not too stiff, not too floppy, a nice mix of classy and sturdy construction. Currently available in a few different patterns with more to come, this bandana comes in multiple sizes - small, which fits your dog; medium, which fits your child; and large, which will fit you!

Here I am rocking the Kansas Cretaceous Paisley print in a Large.


That is a solid 25.25 inches in all dimensions in the large, making it easy to tie in a couple different techniques. I'd show you them but despite teaching summery camp for 10 years I apparently don't know how to tie a bandana in more than one way which is very disappointing.

These bandanas start at $12.50 and go up to $13.50, so why not buy one for you and your whole family?  

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