New Pattern: Anzu

Paleoart is dominated by dinosaurs - and don't get me wrong, dinosaurs are cool, but I find myself way more drawn to drawing (heh) non-dinosaurs in part because apparently I'm secretly a scientific hipster. Except of course, then there's a dinosaur that's so cool looking I... can't help myself. Enter, Anzu.

Anzu wylei, from Tadek Kurpaski from Pittsburgh,PA, USA

Look. It's not really surprising to me that the one dinosaur I thought was cool enough to make a product out of was essentially a Metalhead Chicken with a cool crest and abundant feathers. It just... looks awesome. Even its bones look awesome, which is why in the end I decided not to go any further than making a print based on its very, very cool skull. And as cool as it is, you look even cooler wearing it:

me looking cool in an anzu hat

This may be the coolest I've ever looked honestly. My husband likes this pattern too - made me order an extra hat for "nice occasions"! So go and get yours today.


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