Meaghan's Microjack Fund

If you've followed me on social media, chances are you've seen me whine about cleaning fossils. See, I'm a paleontologist who has had the (mis)fortune of doing research in a locality with some of the hardest rock I've ever dealt with! And while the fossils are beautiful, some of them are tiny - meaning they're even harder to safely remove from the rock. Like this beautiful little mouse deer jaw:

 A very small mouse deer jaw being prepped by Meaghan's comically large looking hands.


@geopetalfabric this specimen is 90% glue at this point I swear #fossiltok #fml #fyp ♬ emma uncomfortable laugh - cuppy💀


Enter the Microjack. It's a fossil cleaning tool that runs about $700, but is worth every cent - it can drill through this hard rock with much lower vibrations than my current set-up.

So that's where you come in! The money I make from this sale plus any tips you donate at check-out will go towards this nifty but expensive piece of paleontology tech, and you can rest in ease knowing I am breaking far fewer research specimens - plus, you'll have some cool new science clothing!

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