Gift Certificates

'tis the season to be... panicking because a winter storm has shut down most of North America and even if it hadn't there's no way items you purchase right now will make it in time for Christmas. But fear not, there's a solution: Gift Certificates!

Indeed, gift certificates are now available for all items on, and also can go towards shipping. Give the gift of "I know you like paleontology and geology and have strong opinions that I don't want to invalidate by purchasing you an item with a marine reptile on it when you really wanted a dinosaur instead."

Paleontology & Geology are filled with strong opinions - but with a gift certificate, you don't have to decide between a synapsid and a diapsid, or Bowen's and Goldich's series. 

These gift certificates are available in $25 increments and are sent electronically as a code that can be applied at checkout.

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