New Pattern: Bothriolepis

Bothriolepis is such a crazy cool ancient fish - it's a cute little armored monstrosity that has strange little armored crab claw arms. Though these fish never got particularly large, they did have pretty thick armor - and a lot of them are preserved just as that armor, like this design on the Vintage Cap:

Those fun little crabby armored pectoral fins are so chonked out with bone that they actually probably couldn't rotate very much, or very quickly. One recent paper theorized that Bothriolepis didn't use them for propelling themselves through the water so much as maybe just helping to navigate up and down in the water column while their tails provided the power. 

Regardless of how they actually moved, I thought they were cute and fun so I've put them on few hats both with and without their tail fins. And since Bothriolepis are often found preserved in groups, I also went ahead and made a whole party on this Bothriolepis hoodie:


Regardless of how you like your Bothriolepis (alone without a tail! with a buddy and both have tails! with a whole posse!) there's something available for you.

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