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  • New Products: Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirts

    Work-appropriate paleontology and geology attire? Sign me up!  These long-sleeved shirts are soft and flowy, and not prone to wrinkling which is v...
  • New Pattern: Triloglyphs

    This new pattern features a set of simple, stylized, trilobite-inspired glyphs. Elegant and evolution-inspired. Also, two "trilobite-adjacent" organisms (the Agnostida are technically not trilobites anymore). How many of these strange creatures can you recognize?
  • Eocene Fossil Florals: Florissantia Pattern

    Florissantia is a beautiful flower found in Eocene-Oligocene aged rocks (so, 50ish to 30ish million years ago) in North America. It is sometimes referred to as a Stone Rose, though it's more closely related to chocolate than it is to roses.
  • The Greatest Rack

    New year, new pattern - an embroidery design with a white and maroon rendition of the greatest rack to ever evolve - the antlers of Megaloceros, the Giant Irish Elk. They reached a massive 12 feet across and weighed nearly 90 pounds!
  • New Pattern: Pachyderm Print

    Those aren't leopard spots - they're the wear patterns of pachyderms, aka proboscideans, aka mammoths and elephants and gomphotheres and more!
  • Gift Certificates

    'tis the season to be... panicking because a winter storm has shut down most of North America and even if it hadn't there's no way items you purchase right now will make it in time for Christmas. But fear not, there's a solution: Gift Certificates!
  • New Product: Bandanas!

    I've been looking for a company that does a good bandana for FOREVER and it's finally here - not too stiff, not too floppy, a nice mix of classy and sturdy construction.
  • Dino Dinner Weekend Discount

    Yes, turkeys are (remarkably) the descendants of dinosaurs - and they taste delicious. To celebrate the slow but inevitable downfall of the dinosaurs, get 15% off any order over $75, Thursday through Tuesday!
  • New Product: Windbreakers!

    Looking for a fun fashionable item for yourself or as a gift? Check out this new item - the Kimberichnus Windbreaker, a lightweight jacket featuring the trace fossils of a 500+ million year old mollusk.
  • Gifts Under 20$!

    It's the holiday season! Wondering what to purchase? Here's a list of gifts under $20, perfect for the rocks-and-fossils nerds in your life!
  • Christmas Shipping!

    'Tis the holiday shopping season, coming at you earlier and earlier every year it seems! Of course this year we have to buy things early simply bec...
  • New Product: Gift Cards!

    Ok, it's not so much a new product as it is a new option for gifting? That's right, we have a gift card now!