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  • John Day Stripetigraphy

    The John Day Fossil Beds in Eastern Oregon are an amazing fossil locality spanning from the Cretaceous up into the Pliocene - that's 50 million years of nearly continuous fossil history!
  • That's not what Dromomeryx said last night

    Dromomeryx is a fossil giraffe relative whose horns (technically, ossicones) look extremely phallic and whose name rhymes poorly with Your Mom. Ergo this most excellent paleontology joke...
  • 2021 Pattern Recap

    Trace fossils, trilobites, things that aren't dinosaurs, and some extremely specific inside jokes - this year saw a lot of paleontology art both serious and ridiculous. Thanks for making my first year so fantastic, and I can't wait to show you what 2022 has in store (for the store)!
  • Metasequoia Pattern

    One of my newest patterns features an incredible plant found in fossil localities across the world from the Cretaceous through 15 million years ago - and then it disappeared so completely that it was described first as a FOSSIL before it was described as a living plant.

  • New product - Scrunchies!

    That's right, the cutest fashion item from the 90's now is available with the cutest fashion elements from all of prehistory!
  • New product - kid's clothing!

    You've been asking and it has finally arrived - two of my most popular designs are now available in kids sizing!
  • Sneak Attack SciComm

    Part of the goal of this brand is to get amazing paleontology designs out there for the general public to see. But a lot of the designs I make are ...
  • Trilobite Paintings

    I don't know what your thing was during quarantine, but for me... I tried (and failed) to make my own cheese, and I also painted a lot of trilobite...
  • Spiral Trilobite Design

    Ampyx priscus is a strange little Ordovician trilobite. In Morocco, you find them in clusters of dozens of individuals - but often, these are less ...
  • Details of the Priapulid Paisley

    For a paisley print to look really nice, it is helpful to have smaller elements to intersperse between the bigger pieces. For my Priapulid Paisley ...
  • Priapulids: Predatory Fossil Worms

    A priapulid is a worm - they live today, and we have body fossils of them going all the way back to the Cambrian 540-some million years ago. These ...
  • DiNopeASaurus

    If you know anything about dinosaurs, you know that there are a lot of things that people call dinosaurs that are, in fact... not dinosaurs. In fac...