The Greatest Rack

knit beanie and sweatshirt featuring the giant irish elk embroidery
New year, new pattern - an embroidery design with a white and maroon rendition of the greatest rack to ever evolve - the antlers of Megaloceros, the Giant Irish Elk. They reached a massive 12 feet across and weighed nearly 90 pounds!

Intriguingly, these weren't actually Elk. They also weren't related to moose, despite having big scooped horns we associate with moose. They were really just big, big deer - potentially weighing up to 1,500 pounds while moose squeak in at a mere... 900 pounds (do not mess with moose). 

Sadly these elk-moose-deer monstrosities died out during the Pleistocene and aren't around any longer. But you can buy their embroidered likeness on a sweatshirt and make jokes about how great your rack is, which is a good consolation prize I suppose. You can also wear the matching hat in acid green and ward off hunters in paleontological style!

This pattern drops this week, on #FossilFriday! What else would you like to see this pattern on?

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