Trilobite Paintings

I don't know what your thing was during quarantine, but for me... I tried (and failed) to make my own cheese, and I also painted a lot of trilobites. Like.. a lot. At first it seemed like a harmless hobby - I like painting, I was doing these little 5"x5" squares, and then suddenly I had a wall of trilobite paintings representing all of the different orders of trilobites for each era in which they were alive and... yeah. It's a lot.

wall of trilobite paintings

But I got pretty good at painting them, after that much practice. And I had friends who really liked them but I didn't want to give away my favorites - so I've made acrylic block prints of them! Each block is a 4"x4" replica that is slightly transparent. They are freestanding, so they're kind of like a cross between a sculpture and a painting. My favorite is Walliserops, this strange trident-wielding weirdo:


Walliserops painting


I love how on the acrylic print you can see the texture of each stroke - I like to make sharp angles and thick brush strokes when I paint them, and I was glad to see that these came through beautifully replicated in the resin replicas. I painted these trilobites onto wooden blocks in part because I liked seeing how the wood grain shone through the acrylic and I'm super pleased to see it's visible in the resin prints as well.


Honestly... I think the prints might look cooler than the original thing.


There's a lot of trilobites on my wall - too many to put online without overwhelming people like sharks in a very weirdly specific school of minnows. So check out the paintings and if you like one, you should buy it now - it won't be up there forever!


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