Sneak Attack SciComm

Part of the goal of this brand is to get amazing paleontology designs out there for the general public to see. But a lot of the designs I make are kind of subtle - the Diplocaulus print, for example, just looks like a pretty chevron pattern if you don't know what you are looking for. And that is on purpose - not because science patterns need to be subtle (science is cool!) but because if it's subtle and pretty, I'm hoping you'll get to have more interactions like this:

Them: "Oh wow, I love your scarf!"
You: "Thank you! They're priapulid worms."
Them: "What? What's that?"
You: "Oh, they're weird predatory sea worms. They're like, the graboids from Tremors, but real! These are actually fossilized ones."
Them: "Predatory sea worms? What?"
Them: "That is amazing. And weird. Let's be best friends."
Annnnnd scene.


Ok, okay, so maybe you might not get that far. But here's the thing: in my life I've gotten to explain lots of cool things to strangers at the grocery store simply because they complimented my clothing. And by they, I mostly mean women - so for me, Geopetal Fabric's primary draw is the fact that it gives me an awesome new way to have on-the-spot scicomm with women... and women are a thing we need a lot more of in STEM and STEM-adjacent fields. I call this Sneak Attack SciComm, though it's a lot less aggressive and a lot more organic when you get to do it in the moment. 

So the benefits of this clothing line are abundant! You get to wear fun prints and explain the things you love to strangers - what's not to love?

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