New product - kid's clothing!

You've been asking for it, and I've finally made it - now introducing versions of the our most popular Paleontology Prints for kids! I've started with the DiNopeASaurus shirt which is now available in baby, toddler, and kid's t-shirt sizes. This fun fossil fashion item has a lot of animals that have previously been called dinosaurs but which are not, in fact, dinosaurs - a fact your kid probably already knows, to be honest.

the dinopeasaurus shirt on a toddler in pink, with three variants of the shirt shown on the right in pink, white and blue

I've also made two colors of the Kansas Cretaceous Paisley shirt for kids in size 2T through 7!

two shirts one in blue and one in purple both of the kansas cretaceous paisley pattern. a young girl is modeling the blue version.

What do you think I should make next??

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