New Pattern: Pachyderm Print

mammoth toothwear print pattern

Those aren't leopard spots - they're the wear patterns of pachyderms, aka proboscideans, aka mammoths and elephants and gomphotheres and more! The yellow represents the exposed dentine, the reddish brown is enamel, and the orange shows topography and shadows. 

I love this print because I love the very, very cool wear patterns of proboscidean teeth. They show such a unique and strange tale of evolution - from the linear washboard shapes of mammoth teeth to the lumpy hills of mastodons and gomphotheres, these teeth are evolved to smash and grind plants into oblivion. 

This pattern is currently available on a unisex sweatshirt, a skirt, and a set of leggings (with pockets!), with more to come. What items would you like to see with this pattern?

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