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Sternberg Science Camps are an incredible opportunity run by a close personal friend of mine, David Levering. We met each other as counselors at a similar paleontology summer science camp - but while we were paid $15 a day and didn't do much paleontology, David has worked incredibly hard to pay his employees fairly and bring students out into the field as much as possible. That does mean that these camps are more expensive, because they don't rely on exploiting volunteer labor.

But they're even more worth supporting because of their location and the people they serve.

While students do come from all over, most of these students are local - and Kansas is part of the Bible Belt where strong conservative religious beliefs often stifle science education, particularly that focused on evolution. Scholarships at the Sternberg go directly to help pay for students who otherwise could not afford to attend - and might not get much exposure to evolutionary science otherwise.

We've raised $300 so far - but to help us get to $500, our next goal, I've created some new products to entice you! These and all items marked with the Kansas Cretaceous Paisley have 90% of the profits donated directly to the Sternberg science camps.

This sleek, satiny Bomber Jacket is available now! But it's not all!

Hoodies! These unisex hoodies are super worm and comfy, with fun aquamarine accents on the inside of the hood and the cuffs.

So buy yours today, and know that your purchases (and 100% of your tips) go directly to a really, really good cause.


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