Calling all crafters - get your fabric now!

Are you interested in making your own clothing or homegoods out of these patterns, or in ordering something bigger like a duvet cover or a pillow? I've uploaded patterns to a new Spoonflower store!

There are two varieties of the Kansas Cretaceous Paisley pattern, one variant of Eeleganza and of Diplocaulus, and the new Bowen's Reaction Series pattern, with more added frequently. I've ordered a lot of samples in the cotton canvas, because I like to make things like bags I can carry out in the field and store fossils in, and also because my sewing skills are limited to "this is a square with another square on it" but Spoonflower has a tremendous variety of high quality fabrics for you to choose from. 

You can also order any of these prints in wallpaper, tablecloths, napkins, sheets, and much much more. Just click the "See on all products" button to get lots of cool home goods options. 

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