Bowen's Reaction Series

When a magma loves a continent very, very much, it has to undergo some changes before the two can be fully... joined, as it were. That process is called Crystal Fractionation and essentially involves the magma cooling a little as it moves towards the surface - just enough to start the process of certain minerals solidifying inside the magma. And in fact, those crystals actually solidify in a very specific sequence - first Olivine, then Pyroxene, then Amphiboles like Hornblende, then biotite, potassium feldspar, muscavite, and quartz. It's a bit of overgeneralization but that's known as Bowen's Reaction Series, and it's represented here in a pretty pastel crystal form!

At the top you have the minerals that precipitate out early, the "mafirc" or "high temperature" minerals like olivine and pyroxene. As you go down, you get the low temperature or felsic minerals like quartz.

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