Be a Better Model Than My Mother

I love my mother, I truly do - but it turns out that there is one thing in this world that she cannot do, and that is model clothing. It's not that she's not gorgeous and talented, it's that she's also desperately weird (yes, it's from HER side of the family). Case in point, I sent her a set of the Eeleganza leggings to try and asked her to send me some pictures that I could put on the website (the current images are mockups, so I like to display the real thing when I can). 


Here is what she sent me back:

my mother's left thigh in the Eeleganza leggings, and a little bit of her crotch. It is a better product photo of the microwave in the distance.

Confused? Yes, me too. I mean, mama's got a great left thigh and there's no lie there, but I'm pretty sure that "here's my mom's crotch shot" isn't exactly a great marketing product photo. Despite my many gentle prods, she continues to have never sent me a different photo - at first because she was busy and now presumably because she thinks she is hilarious.

Well, joke's on her.

Introducing the Be a Better Model Than My Mother competition, where the bar is somewhere deep below our feet in the mantle of the earth. To enter, take a picture of yourself in the Eeleganza leggings between now and June 15th. Tag @geopetalfabric in that picture on Instagram, twitter, Facebook or TikTok for a chance to win a 40$ store credit.

That's right - be a better model than my mother, and I will give you the equivalent of free leggings.

To help you in your quest, the leggings are on sale (20% off!) from now until May 15th. These delightful eel-tooth-encrusted leggings are now also available in plus sizes!

And if you win, you do also get to write "winning model" on your resume, just keep that in mind. 



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